Seeing Sounds.

23, visual artist, walking museum, big-haired, goofy, struggle adult, pr intern.


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Asked By: misslovebomb


1. I’ve been natural since October 2012, even though I want to highlight my hair so bad.

2. I’m an artist in everything I do, the way I dress, the way I love, the way Ilive, everything is an art form.

3. Chicago born but I live about 3 hrs south in Indianapolis, I just call myself “misplaced”, I feel like a foreign exchange student in my own town.

4. I love animals, typical bop answer, but I love seeing peoples connections with their pets, I have one. Just amazing how much love you can have for a creature you have little to no communication with.

5. Im graduating in Fine Arts in a semester and dont know what the heck I’m doing but Im surely enjoying the ride.


always deep in details

this ocean is deep as hell

agitated I swim back to the shore

to throw rocks and sea shells

Childish Gambino - 3005

i just want to dress like an american apparel bop everyday.