Seeing Sounds.

23, visual artist, walking museum, big-haired, goofy, struggle adult, pr intern.

anyways 5 days until i return home from miami and dallas and 7 days until nyc. 

a (white) girl here at work was drunk and made fun of my afro, all i can think of how boring it must be to not have amazing big hair that takes all shapes and textures. seems boring as hell. welp the higher the hair the closer to beyonce. my black is beautiful. image white women be on one lmao.


*grabs her phone*

*sees pic of her suckin dick*

*ignores it*

*sees video of her gettin a train ran on*

*ignores it*

*goes thru playlist*

*see j. cole music*

aye girl this not workin out

I interned for Miami Swim Week last week,

In Dallas for work (opening a new store) for 2 weeks

going home for two days next weekend then heading out to New York City for an interview.